Sports Faith International
Vatican Letter

                                                                                                                                               Vatican,  March 8, 2008    



Dear Mr. McCaskey,


            The news about the well received launch of Sports Faith International last month in Chicago has been a motive of great hope for the “Church and sport” Section within the Holy See. The reason why we find “Sports Faith International” so promising is that it is focused on a pivotal point in professional sports which is also one of the aims of this Vatican sports office so ardently desired by the Servant of God, John Paul II, namely “the promotion of initiatives that can serve to evangelize the world of sport, especially those which foster the witness of a authentic Christian life among professional athletes”.

            Along these lines, it is our hope that the upcoming “Year of St. Paul” will provide us many excellent opportunities to evangelize the world of sport through the testimony of Catholic athletes. One very exciting project in the final stages of planning is the St. Paul Games: a week of International youth sports competitions in Rome with participants from Catholic schools and sport’s associations from around the world. A large gathering of youth with the Holy Father in the Vatican will culminate this week and will feature the testimony of several professional Catholic athletes from around the world who are committed to their faith.

            While deliberating who might be able to help us with such a colossal media endeavor, God’s providence placed Sports Faith International in our path. As you may know, we have been in frequent contact these past two months with Jonathan Corkery and Angela Tomlinson regarding this project, and are pleased with their willingness to collaborate in working with us in developing a video of testimonies of athletes regarding virtues common to sport and the writings of St. Paul that would be showed during this historic sports gathering with the Holy Father as well as being diffused to the largest audience possible worldwide. 

            Although there is still much to be resolved regarding this video project, it is our hope that this letter will serve to formalize our acceptance of the initiative of Sports Faith International to produce such a video of sports testimonies that, while directly benefitting its mission and remaining the copyright of Sports Faith International, will serve as the essential media piece for the sports gathering with the Holy Father which is tentatively set for June 27, 2009.

            While the organizational committee for the St .Paul Games is being developed, I will personally be in frequent contact with Mr. Corkery to elaborate the details of this project.

            With the assurance of my prayers for all of you and the tremendous good that Sports Faith International may achieve, I wish to thank you for your collaboration. 

                                                                                      Sincerely yours in Christ,



                                                                                         Rev. Kevin Lixey, LC

                                                                                    Head of “Church and Sport”                                                                                 


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