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The application is broken down into five sections:
  1. Excellence in Athletics - Please provide us with any special awards and achievements in the area of sport (For example: Player of the Year, Most Valuable Player, Most Improved Player, Coaches Award, All-Conference, Personal Bests, Wins/loses, and any other achievements you want to share and the year(s) you earned this honor.
  2. Excellence in Academics - Please describe your academic achievements such as National Honor Society, Honor Roll, College Board scores from Advanced Placement classes, ACT/SAT/PSAT scores, Class rank either percentage or number or other awards.  (Please Note: while the overall winner will have strong scholastic skills, we recognize not everyone has a scholastic vocation, and awards will be presented on the strength of other achievements in addition to Academics. Passing scores, however, are a requirement.
  3. Excellence in Community Service - Please list community service projects or examples of volunteerism with which the nominee has been involved. These are activities outside of the school and classroom environment. (Please Note: If the candidate either has been involved with or is interested in working with other athletes for the pro-life cause, we are especially interested in hearing about it in this section. There will be an All-star award for a superior Athlete who is interested in or currently committed to the pro-life cause.)
  4. Excellence in Catholic Faith - Please tell us how the Catholic Faith has influenced or is evident in your life on and off the field. Tell us how the light of Christ shines in big ways or little ways at home, parish, athletics, or in the community. (Please Note: the Fr. John P. Smyth Award will be given to an athlete who expresses an interest in Religious life. Fr. Smyth was an NBA draft pick coming out of the University of Notre Dame, who was devoted to religious life with equally spectacular success)
  5. Tell us your Personal Story - Share with us your story...Tell us what motivates you and give examples of how you have risen to meet challenges you have face on and off the field. Describe your secrets of success and how you have overcome some kind of adversity or setback on or off the field. (Please note: We are especially looking for athletes who exemplify some or all of the following virtues extolled by St. Paul in some aspect of their life.  An award will be given by the judges for the most inspirational story, or the athlete who best exemplifies the spirit of St. Paul)

VIRTUES OF ST. PAUL: Discipline, Concentration, Respect for school rules, Excellent in effort of competition, Leadership, Confidence, Fair place, Teamwork, Sacrifice, Determination, Resilience, Respect for others

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Please Note: You do not need to have equal levels of excellence in all categories to win an award.

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